Deploy Real Servers in Seconds

ARM based cloud


A fantastic user experience that gives
you the power to spawn your
servers in two clicks.


Deploy dedicated SSD servers with
constant and predictable
performance in 44 seconds.


Uptime and response time guarantee
for mission critical services
backed by our 24x7 support team.

True, metal cloud servers

Forget noisy neighbors!

Each C1 server has a CPU with 4 dedicated ARM cores,
the best CPU for horizontal scalability with predictable
performances. Forget virtualization and all its doubts,
you now have true dedicated hardware!

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Keep control of your cloud hosting

The power of the cloud with BareMetal SSD cloud servers

Control Panel

Manage your servers in no time

The panel is your servers and resources warehouse. You will be able to manage all your servers and resources in an incredibly simple way. Creating, snapshotting and cloning physical servers has never been that easy. Frankly, you can spawn physical servers in two clicks.

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Powerful API

Automate everything

A powerful, simple and complete API that let you scale your application quickly and easily in a programmatic fashion. All features are available by API.

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Flexible, adaptive and reliable networking

200Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth

With multiple high-end transit providers and the best peerings, you have the power to deliver content anywhere on the globe.

C1 Server

$10.00 /month

4 Dedicated ARM Cores
2GB Memory
50GB SSD Disk
1 Reserved public IPv4
200Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth